Bill Maher Reveals ‘2 5 Things You Don’t Know’ About Bernie Sanders

Bill Maher simply followed up his “2 5 Things You Don’t Know” about Republican presidential nominee Ted Cruz with some uncovering insight into Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders.

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host spoofed the Texan senator last Friday, in response to a US Weekly magazine article on Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, titled “25 things you didn’t know about me.”

On Friday night, in the interest of “equal period, ” Maher taunted up how Clinton’s rival Sanders would respond to the questions.

Maher unleashed some hilarious one-liners, including Sanders purportedly uncovering how he was the “only candidate who employs a typewriter to Tweet.” And that the independent senator from Vermont had something his wife referred to as “Resting Kvetch Face.”

Check out the clip above to be determined what else was included in the list.

Below you can see how Maher spoofed Cruz’s answers on last week’s prove 😛 TAGEND

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