Beautiful Mashup Of Your Favorite Disney Songs Will Give You Major Colds

Guys, Im not going to lie. I listened to all 10 minutes of the above mashup, and I was not so low-key cry and definitely teary-eyed through nine minutes of it.

If you dont know Alan Menken, start humming literally any tune from the last 30 years or so of animatedDisney movies.

Go ahead, Ill wait.

Youre humming away at your laptop, probably scaring away Starbucks clients? Good.

Theres a great chance the anthem youre vocalizing( if youre like me, off-key) was fully or partially composed by Alan.

While at the recent2 5th Anniversary Screening of Beauty and the Beast, Alan strolled on stage, waved to the crowd, sat down and performed a medley of some of your favorite Disney anthems of all time.

Yes, he played the piano and sang simultaneously( WHAT “Are you doin “, THE GENI ?).

Were talking reaches like Part of Your World, Colors of the Wind and Friend Like Me.

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