Alleged Don Jr. Mistress Aubrey ODay Breaks Silence to Trash Trump: Grow the F* ck Up!

In March, news break of an alleged years-old affair between pop singer Aubrey O’Day and big boy Donald Trump Jr. The Danity Kane chanteuse reportedly gratified Don Jr. on the set of Celebrity Apprentice in 2011. According to Page Six, the hunting aficionado aggressively pursued O’Day, assuring her that his pregnant wife Vanessa was actually a non-issue. An Us Weekly source told the tabloid,” When it started, he and Aubrey were very serious all of a sudden. He told her it was over with his wife, that they were separated and he didn’t love her–all of that stuff .”

O’Day hasn’t publicly confirmed or commented on the rumored affair. She has, however, shared a few political thinks on her would-be father-in-law. After the election, O’Day made it clear that she wasn’t a Trump supporter, tweeting,” I’m heartbroken. Every beautiful piece of progression that our country could have moved toward is now gone .” She also cryptically posted,” my story I didn’t tell is worth millions now … this doesn’t hurt me, it hurts America .”

But Trump’s showing at the Helsinki summit seems to have been the final straw for O’Day, who simply broke the Trump silence she’s maintained ever since the infidelity narrative break. The record artist and apparent news junkie wasn’t the only person to take to Twitter after the President sided with Vladimir Putin against his own intelligence agencies, but she was certainly one of the most memorable.” Everyone is so caught up in defending themselves or their positions ,” O’Day tweeted Monday afternoon.” All i see is weakness. the strongest don’t keep ego tally’s .. they get shit done for the COMMON good without the need for constant validation or record. our president& his mouthpieces need to grow the fuck up !” One can’t help but construe that reference to Trump’s mouthpieces as a dig at the recently-divorced Trump Jr ., who’s proven to be his father’s most ardent and least-loved cheerleader.

While the alleged affair is said to have ended around March 2012, it somehow managed to usher in a golden age of journalism a full six years later, culminating in The Daily Mail’s investigative deep dive,” Are Aubrey O’Day and Donald Trump Jr playing footsie in bed with one another in this photo taken during 2012 affair ?” This report compared a 2012 photo of a man’s foot from O’Day’s Instagram with every known picture of Donald Trump Jr.’s toes, ultimately seeing” striking similarities” between these cursed images. At the time, O’Day captioned her sly social media post,” My babe is protecting my feet from bunion attacks! True Love Feet .”

If Donald Trump Jr.’s telltale huge second toe didn’t convince everyone that these two people genuinely did do it, there’s also the fact that Aubrey O’Day released a song in 2013 titled “DJT.” And on a 2012″ Somebody That I Used to Know” remix, she crooned,” You said that was the reason for your ache/ But you were scared to ruin your family’s name/ Your wife’s the only one glad we are over .”

While Trump Jr.’s wife Vanessa reportedly called O’Day in 2012 and confronted her about the affair, sources say that it was ultimately the future chairman who insisted his son stop sleeping with the singer–a nice bit of symmetry, seeing as the couple gratified on Trump’s reality TV indicate( where Trump Jr. served as a magistrate ).” Trump Sr. never reached out to her about it. He was the one who pressured Jr to stop watch Aubrey ,” a source told Us Weekly .” Don Jr. would tell her how his father thought it was a bad look to leave his wife for another woman. In the end, he like to hear his father .”

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