Adele Perfectly Dismisses Questions About Her Body

Adele is not interested in questions about her physicality, and for good reason.

The superstar singer sat down for an interview with Australia’s “6 0 Minutes” and the conversation turned to the issue of sexism in Hollywood and how it has affected her.

“I’ve always been asked questions about my body and my weight and my sizing and my style and stuff like that, ” she told, per the Daily Mail. “And I wholly understand. It’s a little bit annoying that men don’t get asked that question as much. But other than that it seemed to astound people that I was plus sizing and being successful, that was how I felt.”

The focus on the superficial doesn’t bother her, though: “I don’t stimulate music for eyes. I stimulate music for ears.”

Last week, Adele spoke about body image with The Spectrum’s Jenny Eliscu for a SiriusXM Town Hall Q& A.

“I do have body image problems, for sure, but I don’t let them rule my life at all, ” she told, adding that she espouses her uniqueness. “There’s only one of you, so why would you want to look like anyone else? Why would you want to have the same hair style as everyone else and have the same view as everybody else? “


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