9 Things Black Women Need From Feminism Before We Own The Label

On Friday, actress and comedian Tina Feycalled out white women who voted Donald Trump into office.

She confronted them for turning a blind eye to the messhis administration may create for women, people of color and other marginalized groups.

During a Facebook Live telethon fundraiser for the American Civil Liberties Union, Fey told,

A lot of this election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would maybe like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV, and I would want to urge them to, like you cant look away.

Cause it doesnt affect you this minute, but its gonna consequence you eventually. Again, open two windows. Do watch HGTV but[ dont] hide, to not turn our attention away from what is happening.

Sounds good, Tina, except for this onenot-so-small thing 😛 TAGEND

Encouraging white women to take a stand against injustice because it will affect is a selfish act that basically says they shouldonly be concerned about their well-being. White women should not tune into the political climate of this country simply to make sure white females are taken care of.

In fact, this rhetoric has contaminated the very core of feminism, and causes many black women and other women of color to reject the mainstream notion of the concept that is supposed to be liberating for all women.

Here are a few things black females require from feminism in order for us to feel comfortable about fighting for equal rights beside white women.

1. Start speaking out more about what happens to us.

Sure, its just social media, but social media has long been considered a tool for activism and it is conveniently so when white women want to tweet about equal pay, planned parenthood or sexual harassment in the workplace.

When a matter that immediately affect black girls are trending, the same white women marching for womens rights and tweeting about Planned Parenthood are often the oneswho go mum online. Stop doing that.

It doesnt hurt to shoot out a this isnt right post even if thats all you say. Dont feel disingenuous about saying something small.

Using your voice, however simply, is a powerful style to defined the standard for what our country deems OK.

2. Know when to insert your opinion.

Stay with me here.

I know I only wrote that you should speak up more, and you should. Knowing when not to insert your opinion is just as important for hours when black girls are voicing their experiences with racism that you cannot relate to.

Theres no need to start talking about that time in fourth grade when a racist thing happened to you when your black friends are explaining their experiences to you.

Your experiences likelydo not compare to the day-in-day-out of surviving racism. They also dont compare to having an entire system( housing, education, banking, etc .) set up to stifle your upward mobility.

You have a gut; use it. Most of the time, when you feel you shouldnt be the one to insert an opinion: Youre right.

Instead, why dont you find a few black women you follow online( do you ?) and repost what are saying about experiences.Support their voices that way.

3. Dont fall for the were all one race, the human raceBS.

Because were not.

Race may be a social construct, but it is one that limitsthe political, social and economic opportunities for people of color.

For black females, racism and sexism are wingmen who rarely ever run separately. Acknowledge how racism affects our experience.

Black females dont need you to not see colouring. We need you to see our colouring and respect us.

4. When youre sharingimages, not all of them should be white.

So about those pussy hats

All of them were pink, a semblance of what is typically a white women vagina. If the pussy hat is going to be a symbol of status of women issues, youre going to need more colourings than simply pink.

It may seem small, but that was yet another way that black women and other women of coloring were visually erased from a powerful moment.

Another visual example was the video shared about illegal abortions. The video featured merely white women and white nurses, as if black women have no traumatic experiences to share about abortion.

As beautiful as the video was, it would have had a greater impact had it been more all-inclusive and featured women from other races. Trauma does not belong to white women.

This runs for any images of women that you participate in creating or sharing. Attaches importance to that representation, and do it everywhere.

Always ask yourself if this visual excludes anyone in that fight, and if it does, ask the person in charge, Why?

5. Pay attention to you criticize black women.

Human beings, including black females, will be up for criticism and thats OK. But watch what youre blaming about them.

Too often, black women are criticized for the same things white girls arecelebrated for doing. An instance is Beyoncs Instagram pregnancy proclamation.

A couple of days after her post, a thinkpiece emergedabout how her proclamation was hurting women who arent pregnant.

Another writer took the time to inform the pop starring that her newborn bump isnt what pregnancy looks like in criticism of her seemingly perfect bumpand the use of decorative flowers in her photos.

So, a mother cannot celebrate the birth of her new children because there is female out there who will be reminded that she is not pregnant and feel sad? And she also shouldnt employ flowers in a photo shoot because that were likely to devote person the incorrect notion of what pregnancy will be like? Just no.

So lets move on and consider the many famous white women whove had baby bumpreveals and were celebrated. Theres Demi Moore, Natalie Portman, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Christina Aguilera again.

Black females deserve the freedom to live as they please just like everyone else.Start asking yourself if your criticism is based on something valid, or only a biased reaching that you wouldnt induce ifshe werent of color.

6. Listen when black women share their issues with whiteness.

Buzz words like white ascendancy, racism and even white people can be off-putting, but ask yourself, Why?

Its important to put names on things and to call out what is happening. A person who is racist but doesnt mean to be deserves to be called out as much as, tell, a Donald Trump. When black women call out racism, your defensiveness often rejects their truth.

Its imperative for of usto be willing to be held accountable. That includes the things that dont always feel good to you when you hear them.

7. Learn that not all white people are like that is not an acceptable response.

Tryingto prove you are not racist is not going to stop racism. You holding your peers accountable fordiscriminatory behavior is more valuable.

Trying to shoot down a black persons experience by throwing up that not all white people or not all white feminists are like that undermines our simple common sense.

We understand very well that not every single white person on the entire planet earth is racist. We also understand there is a full system at play that even non-racist white people are complicit in knowingly and unknowingly.

Beopen tobeing educated as well as held accountable.

8. Respect our right to black pride.

Whenever black females indicate any kind of self-love, it is often seen as exclusionary and anti-white, in spite of the fact that a lot of it is in response to us actually being excluded ourselves for so long.

Every year when Black History comes around, or when Black Girls Rock airs on BET, or when anyone stimulates #BlackGirlMagic trend on Twitter the responseis well, we dont have that for white people.

You do. Its called mainstream media, which serves white people and stimulates them visible every single day.

Women of color deserve to have moments that belong just to them because we have been told that we are not worthy of it.

As a person in a position of privilege, its not your place to ask why it exists. Just let it exist.

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