9 Celebrity Moms Who Know the Struggle Is Real


chrissy teigen

It’s hard enough being a mom, and it doesn’t help matters at all when you’re constantly bombarded by picture-perfect images of celebrities with impeccable hair and stain-free clothes carrying groceries in one hand and their genetically blessed children in the other. (The bar was set impossibly high when Gisele Bündchen shared this now-infamous photo of herself breastfeeding.) Thankfully, there are many celebrity moms out there who aren’t afraid to talk candidly about the highs and lows of motherhood. For every pic of Gisele frolicking on the beach in a bikini with her brood, there’s a TMI tweet from Chrissy Teigen as relatable as it is hilarious. Below, our favorite quotes and Instagrams from nine celebrity moms who know the struggle is real.


Air travel without a toddler is goddamn spa day.

A photo posted by Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde) on Jul 12, 2016 at 9:55am PDT


Olivia Wilde
During a recent trip, the Vinyl actress posted a pic of herself reading a book, with a caption that will be relatable to anyone who has ever entertained a one-year-old on a flight: “Air travel without a toddler is a goddamn spa day.”



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Photo: Getty Images

Blake Lively
After having her daughter James in 2014, Blake Lively provided an incredibly accurate description of what those first few months with a newborn are really like. “Having a baby is just living in the constant unexpected,” she said. “You never know when you’re gonna get crapped on or when you’re gonna get a big smile or when that smile immediately turns into hysterics. It might be like living with a drug addict.”


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Photo: Courtesy of John Legend / @johnlegend

Chrissy Teigen
Teigen is a vocal celebrity mom who isn’t afraid of giving her fans too much information. After having daughter Luna in April, she’s talked about the complicated logistics of spray-tanning around her breast pump outline, opened up about mom-shaming on Twitter, and even talked about the little-discussed truths of labor. “No one told me I would be coming home in diapers too,” she wrote.

Kristen Bell
A mother of two daughters, Kristen Bell advised women to avoid comparing themselves to others on Instagram, as we’re all just sharing the best versions of ourselves. “In the age of social media, when you can edit your life in beautiful pictures,” she said in a recent interview, “it’s important to remind moms that all of us are wearing yogurt and all of our hands smell like urine.”


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

A photo posted by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on Apr 19, 2015 at 11:17am PDT


Kourtney Kardashian
Pumping is perhaps the worst part of being a new mom, and Kourtney Kardashian illustrated the horrors of it in an Instagram pic of herself mid-pump in Vegas. Thank God black goes with everything, even nipple shields.


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Photo: Courtesy of Kim Kardashian West / @kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian
Kim, meanwhile, has done her part to destigmatize difficult pregnancies. “You know I’ve heard stories forever about how amazing pregnancy is from my mom and Kourtney and that’s just not the case for me,” she has said. “I’m not going to sit here and lie and act like it’s the most blissful experience. It’s awful.”


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Photo: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Tina Fey
The comedian and creator of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt once explained how useful she felt to her children: “You’re just like a human napkin for kids, like, they just wipe their face on you and stuff.”



Jessica Biel
In an interview with The Skimm earlier this year, Biel was asked at what time she usually woke up in the morning. “It varies,” she explained. “But I would say always two hours before I’d really like to.” And when she had to describe her morning routine, she revealed it wasn’t exactly a cakewalk: “Disheveled, running late, doing too many things at once, and underperforming all of them; but pretty thrilled about mediocrity!” Sounds just about right.


Post dinner joy. Right before the meltdowns, obvi.

A photo posted by Busy Philipps (@busyphilipps) on Jun 23, 2016 at 10:42pm PDT


Busy Philipps
Even when sharing a cute, smiley photo, Philipps makes sure to point out it’s not all fun and games with her two daughters. “Post-dinner joy. Right before the meltdowns, obvi.”


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