8 Child Actor Who Definitely Grew Up Way Too Fast

If there’s one thing that they are able to always wow people, it’s the miraculous tendency of child actors to wholly transform. I entail, we’re all intelligent human beings who understand the process of aging- but there’s something about the young characters we remember, becoming old and sometimes attractive that will always kind of freak us out .

Here are another eight, merely to build you feel old.

1. Dakota Fanning

2. Bradley Pierce( Jumanji )

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3. Ariana Richards( Jurassic Park )

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4. Ivana Baquero( Pan’s Labyrinth )

5. Jake Lloyd( Star Wars Episode 1 )

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6. Georgie Henley( Chronicles of Narnia )

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7. Isaac Hempstead Wright( Game of Thrones )

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8. Nicholas Hoult( About A Boy )

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