11 funny and poignant comics about being there for each other in times of difficulty.

Let’s face it 2016 was a sucky year overall.

Hate crimes skyrocketed, the weather was super weird, and style too many awesome icons passed away.

As such, many people have simply told “F *** you very much, 2016 ” and gone into wintertime hibernation early to attend to their hurt hearts and minds and await a hopefully less sucky new year.

With the holidays approaching, however, there’s a better style for all of us to collectively heal. Instead than going inward, reaching out to help someone else might actually be the key to attaining ourselves feel better.

According to a study by the University of Louisville’s psychology department, doing good things for other people has been shown to increase impressions of positivity. This is why gift-giving often leaves us with the warm fuzzies.

Brooklyn illustrator Connie J. Sun gets this, which is why she generated several comics about seeming out for one another in times of trouble.

Here are 11 of them that will hopefully inspire you to do merely that .

1. We all have days like this. We won’t ask for it, but that’s when we need someone to reach out most.

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