Sexually-charged images: Meet the man who ‘broke the internet’

( CNN ) In November 2014 an image of Kim Kardashian naked, balancing a glass of champagne on her rear, fronted an issue of Paper Magazine. The phrase “break the internet” was written across it.

Unwavering interest

“So Far So Goude” has been in circulation for almost a decade, bear from a 2005 book of the same name. The longevity of this travelling exhibition is a testament to the interest that still exists for Goude’s work.
Featuring 240 artworks from the mid 1960 s to present day, including sketches, advertising campaigns, editorial work and even updates of iconic, sometimes surreal imagery — such as a cut and pasted version of Grace Jones’ Island Life cover-up .
Many of the sketches which are featured depict his detailed method of planning and directing shoots. He was also one of the first experts in retouching and image manipulation, long before computers made this possible .

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