Ryan Lochte’s ‘DWT’S Protesters Have Ultimately Been Charged After Their Stunt

It was nearly amonth after Ryan Lochtes hectic time in Rio for the .

The 32 -year-old swimmer had fabricated a narrative about a robbery at a gas station after a night out on the town with three other teammates.

After losing various endorsements, being banned from competing for 10 months and losing the respect of fans around the world, Lochte was looking for a fresh start on .

Only, his debut on ABCs reached dance show didnt go as planned.

Just after performed with his dance partner Cheryl Burke, two men sporting t-shirts with anti-Lochte emblems on them rushed the stage as a form of protest.

While the two men have every right to protest and lawfully express their concerns, they did violate the law withthe bold stunt they attempted during Ryan Lochtes DWTS debut.

According to US Weekly, Sam Sotoodeh and Barzeen Soroudi, the two protesters, have been charged by attorneys.

Both Sotoodeh and Soroudi were charged with twomisdemeanors entering a stage and interfering with a performance.

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