Keith Urban knew Carrie Underwood had ‘to be the girl’ on ‘The Fighter’

Keith Urban has had quite a run with his latest album “Ripcord” and the country starring said he owes a lot of that success to Carrie Underwood.

Urban spoke to about his duet with Underwood and shared his thoughts on the rumors that “American Idol” is returning.

Fox News : How did you pick Carrie Underwood as your duet partner for your ballad “The Fighter? “
Keith Urban : Its a combination of a lot of things I believe. The spirit is right and her voice is unbelievable. I love singing with her. I love the way her voice sits with where I sing and this song. When we wrote it, we both just said, “It’s Carrie. She’s got to be the girl for sure.” Fox News : What do you think of some buzz American Idol might return?
Urban : I loved doing it. I really loved doing it. I miss the camaraderie[ of] working with Harry, and Jen and Ryan was really really fun, like family. So you know, if that were to happen in some form, I’d be curious. But right now …[ I’m] full on busy. Watch Fox News’ entire interview with Urban in the video above .

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