Kanye West’s Uber Was Late, Inducing Him Semi-Relatable

So Pablo Kanye West was driven around by the paparazzi this week, because his stood him up. , they’re just like us! The paparazzi portion isn’t the weird thing about this story. Sure, it’s a little weird that Kanye just got in a auto with a rando photographer, but like, he doesn’t have the best history of decision making( ensure: 2009 VMAs) so it’s not that surprising.

Kanye was waiting to be picked up by an Uber to take him to the gym. If he’s genuinely $53 million in debt, he should know that those Uber rides add up quicklyif my charge card statement is any indication. If Kim induced $80 million simply from her video game, she can afford to buy him a vehicle. Or a driver. So why the fucking was Kanye “the greatest living artist” taking a fucking Uber? This is the question I need answered on next season of.

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