Idina Menzel’s Turbulent Post-‘Frozen’ Years Reflected In New Album

Tony Award-winner Idina Menzel has a lot to celebrate. She announced on Twitter she was engaged to her boyfriend Aaron Lohr on the same day she released her new album of original songs called idina. We talked to her about the album, the upcoming Frozen sequel, and her starring role in the Tv remaking of Beaches.

FOX4 11: What are some of the songs that reflect your life the last couple of years ?

MENZEL: Well it’s been kind of a very, I guess, turbulent, dynamic couple of years. While having the success of Frozen and having my career kind of propelled in a new place, I had the juxtaposition of my personal life being, kind of, “re going through” a divorce and all of the sadness and remorse and regret that comes with all of that. So I had these kind of two dueling sides in my life and it only gave me a great place to go in the studio and run from.

So there are songs about unhappines, but every time I tried to go in and write a anthem about detesting life and being mad and angry I came out with a anthem that was like I can do this and I can make it. For whatever it’s worth, somehow I always write a anthem about find strength. And I wish I wouldn’t, I wish Id only write these horribly darknes sad tormented songs, but it just comes out of me there’s one or two in there and then theres songs about new and there’s a anthem about my son.

FOX4 11: Does it astound you how big the anthem Let it Go get, and do you get recognized by young fans ? MENZEL : Frozen is just like the gift that keeps on dedicating. I had no idea it would have the success that it has. The anthem is, people think you know, you’d get sick of a anthem like that, but you don’t. When a anthem brings you that kind of success, but also connects you with an audience in such a profound route, when it genuinely connects with young person, when it has a message like it has, I don’t get tired of singing it. Usually there’s some young person in front of me that’s ever seen me sing live and so I can sing it to them and keep it fresh. Its introduced me to a whole new audience and its something I will always be grateful for. FOX4 11: What do you know about the sequel ?
MENZEL: I dont know that much. I just know that we’re all signed on to do it and I think that they’re still in the story mode and maybe in a couple months we’re going to get in there and they’ll start requiring us. FOX4 11: What did you think of the Give Elsa a Girlfriend campaign ? MENZEL : I love it. I don’t want anyone to get their hopes up. I’m only a servant, I’m a Disney servant, so I’m happy to have a gig with Disney, and I don’t know what they will do, but I love that it at the least is bringing on a conversation about it and that’s all we can hope for. FOX4 11: Tell us about Beaches and what its like taking on that role. Were you always a fan of the movie ? MENZEL : Always, loved it, find it with my two best girlfriends wept our eyes out in high school. Bette Midler is one of my all-time favorites. She’s a total idol of mine so, reason to say no a million times over. It’s not like me to usually try to do any kind of remake, resurgence. One, because I like to originate things but two, because I don’t like to follow in the footsteps of great girls because then, you know, I set myself up for failure. But that being said after telling no a bunch of times I realise there’s a whole young generation of people that have never even heard of Beaches and going back and watching the movie it’s really cool to see this relationship between these two women and it’s not often we have these projects that are just about friendship, just about two women, you know, it’s like a love story in the most beautiful route. And it gives me an opportunity to really explore so many parts of who I am and what I do as a performer and so I’m taking the risk and, you know, hopefully won’t have too many haters. FOX4 11 : Have you spoken to Bette Midler? MENZEL : No, she was kind enough to tweet her boon and that’s good enough for me.

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