How Trump can maintain his promise to LGBTQ Americans

( CNN) Many of us believed, with good reason at the time, that President might be a new kindof Republican when it came to issues.

As a candidate, he became the first GOP nominee to promise from the convention dais to protect LGBTQ Americans and feature an openly homosexual man on the primetime convention floor. He waved a rainbow pride flag at a campaign rally in Colorado, and welcomed quite literally with open arms — at his inaugural festivity.
Less than a week ago, the media and the public alike marked Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office by, among other things, comparing his actions as chairman to the promises made during his campaign. One promise — “to protect our LGBTQ citizens” — rings especially hollow in the interests of Trump’s actions in office in so far. And now, he is expected to signan executive order that would license discrimination against LGBTQ Americans in the name of religion liberty.

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