Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘Hell yes, ‘ she’d take crack over spraying cheese

Pat Toomeys closed-door talk watched him accused of not having the courage to speak to those affected, while Ted Cruz also faced dissent at his ticket-only event

At a town hall in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night, Republican senator Pat Toomey faced an angry protest over his role in the GOP healthcare bill, while Ted Cruz was heckled over his suggested amendment to the legislation at an event in Texas.

RTAG 3 TTScores of people assembled outside the ABC2 7 RTAG 8 TTThe Better Care Reconciliation act, which the Congressional Budget Office says would leave an additional 22 m people without healthcare FTAG 1 TT

( CNN) definitely wants nothing to do with your snacks.

Whether it’s her militancy about diet, her aspirational( for most of us) website Goop or the expensive smoothieshe says she drinks every morning( though, to be fair, Vanity Fair disagreements that it actually expenses $200 ), the actress’ life is very different from that of the average Joe or Jill.

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