Gordon Ramsay was stung by a jellyfish in an unfortunate location

Image: daniel zuchnik/ wireimage/ getty images

Yes, Gordon Ramsay fix kitchen nightmares, but he had much worse luck when a beachgoer’s nightmare came along.

A jellyfish reportedly stung the chef on the while Ramsey was on the Italian island of Sardinia with his family.

“F* cking hell, it hurt, ” he told the Daily Star .

Perhaps most tragically, Ramsay wasn’t even be permitted to urinate on his meander due to its unfortunate placement( that homeopathic remedy, contrary to popular myth, probably isn’t the best idea anyway ). All’s well that aims well, right?

We are very sorry this happened, Gordon Ramsay. If you need someone to talk to, we indicate the man whose penis was bitten by a spider while he employed the bathroom two separate periods.

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