For lucidity on the Ryan Lochte incident, only look to his reality Tv present

Ileana Lochte unwittingly initiated an international episode that got her son wanted for questioning by the Brazilian police but its not her fault

Even the most beloved moms are capable of embarrassing their children.

They show baby photograph to a new boyfriend or girlfriend. They spit on a tissue and use it to scratched food off your face.

Or they initiate an international incident that get you and your cronies wanted for questioning by the Brazilian police.

It seems the latter is what Ryan Lochtes mother, Ileana Lochte, has inadvertently achieved. It was Ileana who first told the media her son had been robbed. Ryan then came out to corroborate her narrative.

That led to the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee, the Brazilian police, the FBI, the US state department and the US consulate in Rio to become involved and ultimately led to Ryans teammates getting imprisoned at Rio airport.

Ryan, who dyed his hair before the It first started out as light bluish gray, and then it went to green. Now its going back to blue, he told People magazine is clearly in the wrong for lying to his mommy in the first place.

Its not her defect that the world suspects Ryan may have lied about the entire , tarnishing the reputation of Brazil and the Olympics along the way.

But we have been here before. Not to the degree of Ileana inflaming international relations, but surely in terms of her landing her son in hot water.

In an interview in 2012, considering Ryans dating habits, she said her son merely had period for one-time hook-ups.

He runs out on one-night stands, she told. Hes not able to give fully to a relationship because hes always on the go.

Ryan, who wore an American flag dental grill at the London 2012 Olympics Its merely a unique style of presenting personality out to everyone, he told Speedo USA had to clarify that his mom misspoke. He had never had a one night stand, he said.

What she entailed is that I do go out on dates, he said.

But Ileana shouldnt simply be seen as someone who gets her son in difficulty. He seems perfectly capable of doing that on his own.

Ryans short-lived demonstrate, which was cancelled after one season and has a 3. 4 out of 10 rating on IMDB, devotes an insight both into the Ileana-Ryan relationship, and into how he might have thought it was a good idea to allegedly continue lying about a theft that allegedly never happened.

It turns out that Ileanas true role is basically that of an extremely patient full-time babysitter.

And the role of Ryan who is known for telling jeah and had attempted to trademark the phrase, but a Milwaukee clothing company blocked it is that of the sweet, loving, irresponsible, foolish son.

The kind of boy who might not think too carefully about his actions.

Its evident in the second episode of What Would Ryan Lochte do, when he takes his mama to Washington DC. He is there to speak to a crowd about the importance of muscular dystrophy research.

Have you thought of what youre going to say? Ileana asks.

He hasnt.

I have never written down a speech ever, Ryan tells the camera.

His mom persuades him to write a speech. He writes one.

Later Ryan and Ileana are at the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pond. Ryan says he wants to become the first person to urinate in the pond. His mama giggles. She doesnt believe hell do it, and he doesnt do it, but the idea is still there.

But as well as showcasing Ryans foolishness and irresponsibility, the episode shows the sweetness of the mother-son relationship.

Theres a bit where Ileana teaches her son who was 28 years old at the time to tie his tie.

Youre like, the worlds greatest mommy, he says. You know youve helped me out so much, throughout the good times and the hard times.

Ultimately, if the depict proves anything, its that Ryan is like a daft little puppy.

He might urinate in the corner or in a national monument but he didnt entail it, he didnt realise it was wrong, and now all he wants is to shower you with affection.

Its just pretending youve been held up at gunpoint is quite different from pee-pee in a pond. And the Brazilian authorities are unlikely to be quite as forgiving as Ileana.


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