Blake Shelton on Prince’s death: It feels like a ‘ horrible terrorist attack’

( Reuters)

Upon learning of Prince’s death, compared the feeling of loss to a “horrible terrorist attack.”

“It feels like theres been some sort of horrible terrorist attack, or something like that, thats how it feels losing that guy, Shelton said to reporters at a Karaoke for according to Us Weekly. “It just doesnt seem right, especially being so young.”

The singer said that even though Prince was not a , his influence reached across all genres.

“Even though I’m a country artist, he had an impact on me as far as personality and trying to be as cool as him and failing miserably.”

He added, “But, you know, its simply a jolt to earth losing that guy. Thats the only way I know to put it.”

His fellow “Voice” coaches were at the same event and commented on the late pop superstar’s death.

“[ I was] inspired by how he did things his style, never let anybody deter him from what he wanted to accomplish creatively and musically. As a musician, I cant tell you how much thats rubbed off on me, ” Adam Levine told reporters.

Christina Aguilera said “Prince patently is the soundtrack to our lives.”

“You know, even though the sun is shining there is a little heaviness in the air. Its sad that we lost somebody so epic and, you know, his talent was so genuine and authentic, everything he stood for as an artist you know, there was no plastic or manufacturing there and I think thats a lesson and a great inspiration for every future artist of any generation.”

Prince was found dead Thursday in the elevator of his Paisley Park estate in Chanhassen, Minn. He was 57.

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