24 Surprising Celebrity Couples Who Were Once Married

There are a lot of celebrity marriages that are still going strong, but because they are human beings, there are a lot of celebrity marriages that didnt quite last the duration. Thats not unusual.

What is unusual is the conscious coupling of some celebrities you might not have known tied the knot at one point in time before it all unraveled.


Shannen Doherty and Ashley Hamilton

These two even married 1993 after only two weeks of dating. What could go wrong? Everything, and they divorced six months later .

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

Although the comedian and actress worked on two movies together ( Charlie’s Angels and Freddie Got Fingered) they were married for only five months in 2001.

James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow

Apparently the fifth period at matrimony wasn’t the charm for director Cameron, who married fellow director Bigelow in 1989 but divorced in 1991.

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes

Winslet’s heart went on after marriage director Mendes in 2003, having a son together, and then divorcing in 2010.

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